Zip Lining in Dominican Republic

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Zip lining over the jungle in the Dominican Republic was definitely one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done! I’m not a full-on action seeker but I do like a challenge and I’m always willing to try new activities (except water sports, I don’t like those!)

Monkey Jungle in Sosua, Dominican Republic is awesome. You can start by completing the zip line adventure course in the jungle, and after that you have the opportunity to meet and feed the cutest squirrel monkeys! The cost of the experience is about 70-90USD each and the best thing about this place is that all profits go to charity. The owners of the centre are doctors who run free medical clinics for the local community. When you visit monkey jungle not only will you have an amazing experience but you can also be sure that you are doing something good with your money.

I remember walking up to the first tower after the zip line safety briefing, I was incredibly nervous and at one point even considering not taking part at all! There were two guides with us and they were so good at ensuring we felt safe and relaxed that I kept on walking. When we finally got to the top of the first tower, I insisted that I would be the first in our group to go, just so I knew I couldn’t give up! The first two lines were a good start, they were quite slow and I was happy enjoying the views. When I reached the third station I was so excited and ready to go faster! The lines gradually get higher and faster and the adrenaline rush was awesome. The toughest part of the course for me was the 50ft descent into an ancient cave. It was pretty scary jumping off a ledge and having no idea what you would land on! By the final line I was on a real high. I could have done the whole course all over again! I will definitely try out zip lining again when I have the opportunity.

When we finished the zip line course we went to visit the squirrel monkeys. We were given plates of fruits and as we went inside their enclosure we suddenly saw lots of little monkeys rushing down from the tree tops. They jumped on our heads and shoulders and took the food from the plates. It was so cool to be close to these little guys but once the food was finished, they all got bored of our company and headed back into the trees! We did manage to take a few photos before they ran away though!



You can watch some videos of the zip lines at Monkey Jungle here:



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