Tips for Using Trains in Utah

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Tips for Using Trains in Utah

One of the most scenic ways to travel is by rail passing through the ever-changing scenery in the comfort of your carriage. Fans of trains can experience the best of the United States by crossing through the historical areas, national parks, and small towns. Utah is no exception. So, why not get one of the cabin rentals in Utah, book your train tickets, and explore the state using the train?

Ride the Historic Heber Valley Railroad:

One of the most popular things to do in Utah for fans of trains is to ride the Heber Valley Railroad. A total of almost 26 kilometers of track passes from Vivian Park to Heber Valley. A round trip takes between one and a half to three hours, and various seasonal events, such as Murder Mystery or the North Pole Express entertain passengers. Train enthusiasts appreciate the changing scenery through reservoirs, canyons, and the Wasatch Mountains Foothills.

The journeys, especially the themed-events on Friday nights, sell out fast. You can find and book tickets online to secure your seat. Gunfights and other types of entertainment take place before departure on Monday’s and Friday’s. Arrive early to catch the action.


Amtrak is the leading rail company in the United States. Routes in Utah go from Green River to Salt Lake City via Provo and passes through some beautiful scenery. Various types of carriage from first-class and sleepers to the cheaper options for budget travelers are available. If you’re relying on the train to get around Utah, the facilities inside all the stations aren’t high standard. Free Wi-Fi isn’t always guaranteed.

Visit Amtrak’s website to get up to date information on routes, schedules, and ticket prices. The trains won’t take you to every part of the state, and you’ll still need to rely on other forms of transport. But, it’s cheap and has regular ticket promotions on a weekly basis.

Delays are Common:

Trains in Utah are notorious for delays. What can be more frustrating than turning up at the station to find you have to wait another hour before the train arrives? If you already have your ticket, either booked online or from the ticket office, passengers sometimes get an Email to announce a delay. You can also get updates on the Amtrak App. Alternatively, jot down the phone number of the train station and call them an hour before departure to confirm the time of arrival.

Don’t Expect to Reserve Your Seat:

Passengers can buy tickets in advance, but can’t reserve their seats. A single ticket can have multiple journeys, but you need to get your assigned seat at the station. Trains allocate seats based on the number of people travelling together, which means solo passengers or those who fail to turn up together will probably get any available place.

Another point worth mentioning here is that you can check in your larger luggage, just like at the airport. Having your suitcases stored below gives you extra room and makes the journey more comfortable. Make sure you arrive at least 40 minutes before the train leaves the station to use this service.

Choose What Cabin You Want:

For long distance travel in Utah or across the United States, you have the option of booking a room, a roomette or staying in coach class. The first is larger and has a place to lie down with a sufficient amount of space. An enclosed toilet is typically inside your cabin. A roomette is smaller than the cabin, and passengers don’t find it particularly comfortable. Coach class is the final option and seats do tend to have an adequate amount of space and have the ability to recline. Travelers tend to find coach class comfortable enough.

Eat in the Dining Car:

The Dining Car serves a range of meals throughout the day from breakfast to dinner. Passengers need to reserve a seat, turn up and sit alongside other fellow travelers. The food itself is about as good as you can expect from a train. But, the main benefit is giving you the chance to meet with and talk to others. There may be locals happy to share their stories with you and provide a few insider tips on Utah. Or, maybe you’ll bump into a fellow traveler heading to the same destination. The Dining Car is a great way to meet new people and pass the time chatting away with new friends.

Plan for Comfort:

The train journeys in Utah are relatively short compared to the several day ones in other parts of the United States. But, this doesn’t mean that the trip is going to be smooth. You should take extra precaution to make sure your journey is as quiet and comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable clothes and check in the bigger bags, which gives you more space to walk around. The temperature is also set at a standard level on pretty much all trains. Even if the weather is sweltering outside, the carriage may be chilly. Bring a light sweater or blanket just in case.

Enjoy the Utah Trains:

Utah is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, and you can enjoy the views from the comfort of your seat. Check out the Heber Valley Railroad for an unforgettable rail experience and join one of their themed nights. Or rely on Amtrak to get from one city to the next. Just remember to plan the trip and contact the station to check for last minute delays.


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