Take a walk in my city, Sofia

sofia centre

For me, there’s no better way to explore a city than on foot. Take London for example, you can get across the city quickly and easily using the tube, but only when you walk do you truly experience everything that the city has to offer.
Sofia in Bulgaria is a beautiful city to explore on foot. It’s small and full of hidden side streets with cobbled stones and quirky shops. Whenever anyone comes to visit me in Sofia the first thing I do is take them on a walking tour of the city.

One of the best ways to see a new city (or even one that you are familiar with) is to join an organised tour or use a self-guided walking tour app. In Sofia there is a fantastic organisation called Free Sofia Tour that offers daily free walking tours and the guides are so knowledgeable and fun that even if you take the tour many times (as I have), you won’t have a chance to get bored.

Using a guide app like City Walks, or joining an organised tour is a must. It’s the only way to ensure you will find things that you would ordinarily miss. For example, in Sofia, if you enter one of the metro stations in the centre of the city you will find the remains of an ancient Roman fortress! From street level, Serdika Station appears to be nothing more than a regular metro station and you could easily miss this incredible piece of history if you weren’t exploring the city on foot! What I like about the self-guided apps is that you can check out the must see places and then customise a walk based on the ones you want to see the most. This makes it much easier than just using something like google maps to get from place to place.
Take a look at some of the photos I took on my last walk in Sofia, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s definitely a city worth getting lost in! The next city I’ll be exploring on foot is Rome in a few weeks and I can’t wait!



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