Las Terrenas through my lens

Las Terrenas Restaurants

While living in the Dominican Republic, I spent a weekend in the beautiful Las Terrenas and I would like to share this lovely place with you through my lens.

Las Terrenas is in the Samaná province of the Dominican Republic and is only around a 2 hour drive from the capital, Santo Domingo. This part of the island has some of the nicest beaches in the world and in my opinion, also some of the nicest food!

Take a few minutes and escape to Las Terrenas with me now!



This is the view as you drive to Las Terrenas. We had to stop here and enjoy this amazing scenery as it was simply breathtaking. It’s moments like this that remind me how beautiful our world is. Nothing man-made can beat this. Incredible.

Then we arrived and I continued to be impressed! The centre of Las Terrenas isn’t very big, there are only three main streets and you can easily walk around them all in no time. This street is next to the beach and these are all beautiful restaurants that look out on to the sea. When we arrived we enjoyed a delicious paella here, what a perfect start to the weekend! Everything is reasonably priced too, we never spent more than USD 30-40 on a meal and that always included a few drinks, on this occasion it was Sangria!



When we arrived at our hotel, Casa Del Mar Neptunia, I was delighted. We booked it after seeing many good reviews on TripAdvisor however I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was quite cheap at USD 45 per night, but I am happy to say the reviews were spot on. It’s very small with only around 10 rooms but each room is like a little cabin surrounded by beautiful gardens. The owners are an American couple and they have lovely local staff who are very friendly and welcoming. The rooms are comfortable and clean and I enjoyed sitting on the terrace and enjoying the peace and quiet. I love geckos too and there were plenty of these little fellows running around outside the room, I spent about two hours chasing them to take photos but they were almost always too fast for me! The price of the hotel also includes a very simple but tasty breakfast of fresh bread, fruit and coffee which was enjoyed in the lovely gardens.



Next we headed to the beach and we were spoiled for choice here! There are so many beaches and to my surprise, they weren’t busy at all. I love going to the beach and feeling like I have the whole place to myself and that’s exactly how it is here. I can’t relax on a beach full of people and noise, as far as I’m concerned I may as well stay in the city! Here, it’s paradise. Just sit back and relax under the shade of a palm tree, the only sound you will hear is the waves as you feel the soft warm breeze on your skin. It was the perfect place for me to escape.



Last but not least it was time for shopping! The main street here is full of interesting little shops where you can buy a variety of local treasures. There are many street sellers too who offer incredible hand painted souvenirs. You can also buy the traditional Larimar jewellery in most of the shops here and for the most reasonable prices on the island. I spent many hours browsing the shops and came away with some lovely gifts for my family and friends. Also a few pieces for myself too of course! Just be prepared to negotiate on the prices, they are not very expensive but if you haggle you will get a much better price, especially if you are buying a lot as I did!


Paintings for sale Las Terrenas


Sadly, my wonderful weekend had to come to an end, however, a nice way to spend the last hour was relaxing with a cappuccino on the beach.


Cappuccino on the beach


I’m looking forward to my next trip to Las Terrenas where I hope to visit the island Cayo Levantado, I hear that it is spectacular! I will be taking many more photos when I go so that I can share them with you too.


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