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hitchhiking in sofia

About two weeks ago I saw a post on Instagram from Sarah, The Nomadic Dreamer. She was in Romania and being so close by in neighbouring Bulgaria, I asked if she would be visiting Sofia. I have been following Sarah’s journey for quite a while. She began with the Camino de Santiago, which is what caught my attention to begin with, and since then she has been hitchhiking her way across Europe.

I was keen to meet Sarah because although I had seen her photos and read her articles, I really wanted to ask her in person about the Camino and also how she could be so brave to hitchhike alone across 40 countries! We starting chatting online about her upcoming trip to Sofia and when I discovered that she hadn’t yet organised a host for her stay (she usually couchsurfs) I invited her to stay with me.

When I met Sarah at a petrol station in Sofia it was instantly clear that we were going to get along great. She was full of energy and excitement and after taking a couple of photos with her driver who had kindly driven her from Bucharest, we were on our way home!

We talked a lot about her travels and experiences and I asked a million questions about hitchhiking and couchsurfing. I’ve never hitchhiked (and probably never will) however, it was nice to see that Sarah has had so many good experiences. I couldn’t help thinking that it would be so dangerous for a young woman to hitchhike alone but, as it turns out, Sarah finds kind people all over the world. This is very reassuring as we are often led to believe that there is more bad than good out there and I love to hear that this isn’t the case. As for couchsurfing, I’d definitely consider this, it’s a little bit like using Airbnb, except you don’t pay your host! I get the impression the couchsurfing community is really cool and I love the idea of sharing what you have to help people out and allow them to see the world while travelling on a budget.

Another thing that hosting Sarah reminded me of is that you really can do anything that you put your mind to! She was scared at the beginning of her journey and she doesn’t have anyone supporting her financially, but she challenges herself every day. This is very inspiring! We also quickly learned that we both are believers in the idea that if you are a positive person, you will attract other positive people into your life. This was definitely true for us and I think the way in which we met verifies that!

We left Sarah on the roadside to continue her hitchhiking adventure from Sofia, Bulgaria to Skopje, Macedonia. I will definitely continue to follow her journey and I urge you to do the same, I am certain you will be inspired! Check out her Facebook page The Nomadic Dreamer.


Nomadic dreamer in Sofia


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