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Over the past couple of years I’ve been looking for natural foods, cleansers and remedies that I can use instead of man-made products using chemicals and all other types of things that may be detrimental to our health and environment. I haven’t found something for everything yet, but little by little I’m changing my habits and the products I buy. I hope one day to have a home filled with only natural products to eat, clean and cure!

For example, I’ve seen that coconut oil can protect your skin in the same way that sunscreen does and is a wonderful moisturiser, eating raw garlic can stop you catching a cold or that lemons can be used to clean and freshen your kitchen! There really are so many great natural products that we can use in our day to day routines.

I’ve heard many people talking about the benefits of honey over the years. Currently I’m living in Bulgaria where lots of completely natural honey is produced. You’ll find stalls on the side of the road with a variety of ‘homemade’ honey for sale. The best thing is there’s no added sugar or preservatives and the honey in Bulgaria is much cheaper than most other places in the world!

On the basis that my kitchen cupboards are usually full of several of these large jars of Bulgarian natural honey, I decided to do some research about the various benefits and found so many interesting things.  I love the taste of honey so it wasn’t much of a challenge for me to start eating it more often but I was surprised by some of the other uses I discovered for it while I was researching!


After trying out these honey benefits I’d like to share with you what I believe are the top 5 benefits of honey!


honey and bread


Honey increases energy and regulates blood sugar levels

I read that honey can help to increase your physical energy and can also regulate your blood sugar. This was of real interest to me as I have always suffered with low blood sugar and it’s such an annoying problem to have. If I don’t eat regularly enough my sugar levels drop quickly and I start to feel very poorly. This can be a problem for me when I’m going to the gym in the evening for example. I don’t want to eat a meal before I train, but equally, I need energy to complete my workout!

I have been eating a spoonful of honey before I go to the gym and I really believe it’s helping me! The honey gives me enough sugar to boost my energy but without causing the sudden sugar crash that I would get if I ate a chocolate bar (and has less calories)!

I also sometimes have a spoonful of honey in the morning when I don’t have time for breakfast before leaving the house. Of course, I wouldn’t substitute my breakfast for honey but it’s a great way to give me enough energy to last until I get to the office and can eat properly.


Using honey as a hair conditioner

During my research, I also found many people talking about washing their hair with honey. I wasn’t sure about this as it seemed like a bit of a messy, sticky, horrible thing to do, however, of course, I wanted to give it a try!

I read various methods however the one I opted for was the most simple, just mix a spoon of honey with your regular hair conditioner and massage through your towel dried hair. Then leave for around 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

I did this once a week for a few weeks and it really did increase the shine and moisture in my hair! Wonderful, a natural remedy to bring my hair to life! It’s also not as messy as you would think, it washes out really easily and it doesn’t feel sticky at all!


Honey for weight loss

One of the most common rumours about the benefits of honey is to help weight loss and although I don’t like to diet I am always curious about superfoods  that can help keep my body in shape so I read a little more about it.

There are a few suggestions as to how this works but my favourites are the honey and cinnamon tea and using honey as a sweetener for everything instead of sugar.

The tea is quite interesting as there are many articles about it being a miracle and others saying it does nothing. I think each person should try and decide for themselves, however, for me, I think to start the day with a natural tea can’t be a bad thing so I’m going to stick with it for a while and see what happens. There’s also lots of other health benefits connected with Ceylon Cinnamon too!

Just add half a spoon of ceylon cinnamon to water, bring to the boil and once cooled, add a spoon of honey. Drink first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

The other option is to simply use honey in your regular tea or on your cereal instead of sugar, it’s also delicious with natural yoghurt!


Honey for coughs and Sore Throats

I always knew that honey was good for a sore throat, however, usually when I have a cold I buy the regular pills and syrups form the pharmacy and assume they will work faster.

To test out the benefits of honey, the last time I had a cold and sore throat I decided to opt just for the natural remedies. For a few days I juiced lemons and added two spoonfuls of honey to the juice and drank twice a day. Not only did it help with my throat but I also felt like it cured my cold faster! I can’t believe I wasn’t doing this before!


honey and lemon


Honey for the skin

I have also used honey on my skin as a natural cleanser, a face mask and to soften dry skin.

To use on your face, simply rub the honey on to dry skin, leave for a few minutes to cleanse or for 10 minutes as a face mask and rinse off, so easy! It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Honey also has some antibacterial properties and is good for the treatment of eczema. I couldn’t say how much it helps I haven’t seen any evidence of that myself, however honey has helped me with dry skin. I often put some honey onto dry skin areas before I go to bed and leave to soak into my skin while I sleep.


I hope you find these tips about honey useful! Remember that before using anything new on your skin or in your diet, you should always check first with a small test to ensure that you don’t have any type of allergies, we’re all different so what works for one may not work for everyone!


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