Lush Cosmetics The Art of Bathing Review

lush art of bathing

I’m a huge Lush fan, have been since the first time I was drawn into a Lush shop in a Dubai Mall by the incredible smell. When I think of Lush, I think of luxury, having a bath with a Lush Bubble Bar is something I actually look forward to! But, at between £3-£5 each for bath bombs and bubble bars, sadly that’s not something I can look forward to every day!

When I buy a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar for myself, it’s a nice treat. When I receive a Lush gift set as a present, that’s the best! And one of the most amazing Lush gift sets is ‘The Art of Bathing’. This colourful box is full of my favourite bath bombs and bubble bars, 15 of them to be precise! You can imagine how good my bathroom smelled when I put this box in my cupboard!

Here’s what’s in The Art of Bathing box:


lush art of bathing review
It’s hard to choose a favourite here as I really liked them all! I can tell you that my usual choice when I’m treating myself to a Lush Bubble Bar is The Comforter. I like this one as apart from the amazing smell, it’s makes lots of bubbles. It’s also easy to break so you can make it last for three or four bath times instead of just one! Sunnyside was beautiful, the sparkles made my skin look lovely and Fun is a good one as you can use that as a soap in the shower too. Big Blue was full of seaweed which made the bath look weird but my skin was silky soft after and Granny Takes a Dip made the bath really colourful!

Most importantly, none of these bath bombs stain the bath tub. There are a few that will require you to scrub the bath perhaps a little more than usual after using, but it’s nothing to worry about! I’m sad my box of Lush bath treats has finished but I will be looking forward to my next gift! 😀







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