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There’s a few books that I can say have changed my life in some way, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of them. While I was back in London this book was a gift from a friend who knew I needed some inspiration at the time. I’ve always loved travelling and writing and the story is all about Elizabeth who is a writer and is tired of her life. The more pages I read the more I realised how alike we were.

Eat Pray Love is: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia …

Reading this book gave me the push I needed to make some changes and it was then the next chapters of my life began … My search for everything in the Dominican Republic and Bulgaria

This book reminded me that I could get up and do something different, and most importantly it reminded me that those things I did needed to be for me!

Not only did the book encourage me to start my journey but it also happened to be the inspiration I needed when I was trying to think of a name for the website I was making in Bulgaria. I wanted a name that represented a blog about restaurants, hotels and all things I loved in Bulgaria. I had been searching and searching for hours when I almost gave up for the night. I picked up my things and then I saw the book on the coffee table, Eat Pray Love. I thought about it, ‘Eat’ represented the restaurants that we would be reviewing on the site, ‘Love’ represented how I felt about Bulgaria and travelling, all it took was a change of the word ‘Pray’ to ‘Stay’ and that covered the hotels too! I had the perfect name … Eat Stay Love Bulgaria! Over the past year this website has developed into a business that’s growing and it’s what I spend most of my time talking and thinking about. When I say that this booked changed my life, I think you now understand what I mean!


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Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything




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