Cafe Tropicana

cafe tropicana

Cafe Tropicana is one of the many books written by my favourite author, Belinda Jones. Belinda writes the kind of books that make you smile, laugh and dream all at once and they are all set in amazing locations. I find it very difficult to choose a favourite book by Belinda Jones as I’ve read so many of them and love them all! I’ve started with Cafe Tropicana as this was one of the first books that I read and it got me totally hooked! This book is about a typical English woman, Ava, who is desperate to open up her own little coffee shop in Bath. When her Dad, who lives in Costa Rica, hears about this he invites her over to set up a beach front cafe for him instead. She’s not keen on the idea but a few things happen that finally manage to persuade her, and so she takes a chance. The story is as wonderful as you imagine, lots of fun, romance and beautiful places. It’s hard not to get swept along and you will struggle to put the book down for sure! You need to keep reading to find out which one of the men she’s falling for will win her heart!

Funnily enough, after reading this book I was invited to work for a coffee company in the Dominican Republic, and, I had my first zipline adventure there too (something else that Ava tries in Costa Rica!) Strange how life can surprise you sometimes!


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Cafe Tropicana by Belinda Jones


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