About Me



Thanks for stopping by. I’m Rebecca, the founder of Eat Stay Love, a collection of travel websites which I hope will one day cover the globe! I started taking my first weekend breaks in Europe when I was around 20 (around the same time low cost airlines were getting started!). I then moved to Dubai to experience expat life for the first time when I was 27. Since then I have also lived and worked in the Dominican Republic and Bulgaria. I’m a sales and marketing enthusiast¬†and apart from travelling, my other passions are writing and photography.

I like to share my personal stories and experiences through my writing but please remember all the views and opinions here are my own. I also share links to things that I like however, they are just that, things that I like. I will sometimes use affiliate links for companies such as Booking.Com, Amazon and Transferwise but I can promise you is that I will never, ever, share something that I haven’t had a good experience with myself!

If you have a product, place or service that you think I might like and would like me to write about it then please contact me, I’m always excited to try new things! That’s about it from me, thanks for reading! You can also keep up with my activities on Twitter @RebeccaRubia¬†or any of the other social media channels that I’ve got all over the website!

If you’d like to work with me you can contact me directly, I’ll be very happy to hear from you!

And remember, always do your best to inspire others and allow others to inspire you. Great things happen when you open your mind to this, I promise!